Device Agnostic – Works on all major mobile technology Operating Systems
Because Intelligent Papers is designed to bring digital education to as many students as possible, it supports all major mobile technology operating systems.  Supported operating systems include Windows, Apple’s iOS, Android and Linux.  This works well if you are considering Bring Your Own Device initiatives


Content Agnostic – Intelligent Papers works with any Content
Supported content includes PDF, ePub, Word Documents, PowerPoint Documents, Video, Audio and Flash.  Many major textbook publishers are offering content in PDF and ePub format.  Teachers are teaching with more than just the traditional textbooks.  Now teachers can include all of their handouts and other alternative content options all within Intelligent Papers!


Content CachingDon’t have the Internet at home or on the go? No problem!
A common concern with digitally enhanced education is making sure that students without easy access to the internet have the same equal learning opportunities and experiences as any other student.  Intelligent Papers supports online and offline usability.  This allows for any student to complete their classwork, anytime, anywhere.


Cost Savings – Less Expensive than traditional textbooks and MORE….
In figures cited by the Digital Textbook Collaborative from Project RED, a research project that examines the use of technology in education, a 500-student school can save between $35 and $250 per student per year by switching to digital textbooks.  Those savings include reduced copy and paper costs, using online Assessments, using digital versus print materials, online learning and decreased dropout rates.  There is no need for a separate calculator, dictionary, student response systems and more, it is all included within Intelligent Papers.


Interface – Easy and Intuitive Interface for 21st Century users
interfaceAll of your subjects and textbooks are organized in one central location on your device.  Intelligent Papers uses a highly scalable cloud computing model that represents a low impact on the network load.  There is zero management cost and automatic back-up and recovery.


Annotation – User friendly and Highly functional
annotationStudents can annotate and highlight their digital books and handouts.  They can take notes using a built-in digital notebook and book mark pages that have been annotated. No longer do you have to worry about marking up a textbook that is school property.  Students are developing a skill which is necessary for success in college.


Collaboration – Collaborate with other students
Devices become more intelligent when they come together through the cloud.  Intelligent Papers has a built in ‘e-clicker’ or simple audience response system built in for quick polling in the classroom.  Also included is a ‘shared canvas’ and ‘doodle chat’ which allows students to collaborate on projects together, digitally.


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